Years ago Dare came across a quote, “Fortune favors the brave.” It has played out in her life ever since, especially in her art. In her creative process Dare is definitely bold--she works quickly and takes risks, and her creativity is driven by her passion. She is genuinely excited by the art that she makes, and she strives to be sincere in all things (especially in interactions with people). She is almost always talking and she pulls together those conversations and interactions with people and couples those moments with extensive research and source-seeking to come up with novel approaches to her sculptural and artistic works. She isn’t afraid to fail. She wants to be able to do everything (and has a very broad range of mediums that she is proficient with), and she jumps head on into the projects that she’s involved with. With her drive, the ultimate goal is to be an internationally recognized artist so that she can have the platform to have those inspirational moments with people all around the world. Dare Coulter is blazing a path with love and happiness, and striving to deliver that to everyone through her art.